Black Friday Fitness

Black Friday Fitness

The day after

So it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and hopefully you were able to enjoy responsibly. I was tempted to go a little crazy at the dinner table, but my last blog post kept me honest ?. I was able to follow my own advice and not eat like it was my last meal.

Stay active

Today is Black Friday, a day famous for retail store bargain offerings, or the lack thereof. I won’t waste your time because I’m sure most people are looking to score that new discounted flat-screen TV, laser printer or just some new clothes. But I want to encourage everyone to make some time to do something active today; go to the gym for a workout, go out for a run, do a high intensity workout video challenge, etc.

Recalibrate your body

The day after eating a lot of salty foods (common on Thanksgiving) it is normal to feel a little bloated and full. So a nice workout that makes you sweat, coupled with drinking a lot of water, will help you flush out your system.

Get out there and find that sweet bargain or deal, but don’t forget to give your body a much needed maintenance check ?.


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