When Thanksgiving Attacks

When Thanksgiving Attacks

Binge eating

So it’s the holidays again…specifically Thanksgiving! If you’re not in North America, it’s a day when the whole family gets together to celebrate and reflect on the things we’re all thankful for. There is always a TON of food, and I don’t know about you guys, but I have often eaten more than I intended to. 

Given the festive environment it is very easy to get one or two extra plates or snacks you don’t really need. As a result, many people who have been trying to eat clean and portion properly fall off the wagon around this time. Once you take a stroll on the dark side it’s easy to forget the way back to the light.

There is hope!

Last year, I didn’t eat as much as I normally would have in the past. Given the fact that I was still recovering from knee surgery, and my training was very limited, I had extra motivation to eat responsibly. I had a little more food than a regular meal but not enough to be called a binge as in previous years.

It wasn’t a perfect eating day but compared to previous years I’d say I made a huge improvement in handling the Thanksgiving dinner table. Here’s a few tips on eating responsibly this season:

  1. Eat breakfast and lunch; I have often skipped those to try to allow myself more food at dinner, but it just made me binge even harder!
  2. Get a workout in on Thanksgiving day; after a good workout I usually feel motivated to eat clean.
  3. Don’t loiter around the kitchen; unless you’re helping out or cooking, stay away from the food. In the past I have found myself picking at food continously until dinner.
  4. If you are cooking or helping out, and have to be present in the kitchen, snack on fresh veggies if you get hungry (I recommend baby carrots or celery), and drink water.
  5. Eat a balanced meal; your plate should contain a protein source (e.g. turkey or chicken), a good source of carbs (e.g. sweet potatoes or rice), and some fats (e.g.avocado). Also make sure you get a good helping of fresh vegetables with the meal (maybe start with that ?).
  6. Step away from the table! Be mindful of your plate portions (don’t build a food castle) and once you’re no longer hungry stop eating.

I hope those few tips help you eat better this holiday season. I will follow them personally so I don’t hurt the progress I’ve been making.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ❤


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