Getting Back in the Saddle

Getting Back in the Saddle

A full week of training

This week was my first full week of training since moving to Massachusetts. Living in a hotel for almost a month and going through different gym trials don’t exactly provide the best training conditions. I now have a gym membership and have begun exploring different running routes. Today I ran by the Charles River in Cambridge and it was very scenic.

Getting back on track

It can be a difficult thing to get back on track with your fitness when your schedule is disrupted. Getting back on track is a process and the more dedicated you are to it, the sooner you’ll be where you’re supposed to be.

I ran 8 miles and it felt good. Running that distance during the summer was much harder because of the sun, but in the cold the main concern (for me at least) is frozen fingers. So it’s relatively easier to focus just on your pace, stride and not crashing into other pedestrians or cyclists.

Here’s a few ways to resume your training schedule:

  1. Revisit your overall fitness goals; what were you hoping to accomplish with your training ? Make sure that’s still what you want.
  2. Get new baseline measurements for everything; weigh yourself, measure your body fat, time your 1 mile run, test your lifting maxes, etc. That way you know what to strive for.
  3. Get your nutrition in check; eating clean is the best thing you can do for your fitness goals.
  4. Be consistent; once you start training again stick to your schedule no matter what. Plan rest days and respect them too.

How are you or have you been dealing with deviating from your training schedule? Please describe in the Comments section and Like this post.

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