New Approach

New Approach

Oops, I did it again
Despite my last blog post, I still came up short in posting more frequently. This was another bump in the road in becoming a blog Master, whatever that means. I did move states, but I have a “no excuses” policy, so I simply sucked.

I’m sure you know every quote there is about falling and getting back up so I’ll spare you the pain. Mobile access is just another tool in making sure my content gets out to my readers. So here I am, at 5 am, in bed, writing this post. If you end up reading this on your phone, then we might be on to something here…

Post-summer Fitness

This summer I attained a level of fitness I haven’t in a while. But I’d be lying to you if I said I am currently as fit. During the moving process I slipped up a lot in my nutrition and didn’t eat very clean ☺.

I’m gradually getting back on track, and here’s how I’m doing it (you can too):

  1. Meal prepping; so you control the cooking of your own food
  2. No sugary/salty snacks; grab fruit instead
  3. Responsible cheat meals; not cheat days!
  4. Black coffee; it helps with appetite suppression in between meals
  5. Eating balanced meals; adequate amounts of protein, fats and carbs (don’t forget the veggies)
  6. A good training plan

Winter is here

Motivation to stay fit does diminish during winter for many people, so eating clean and working out often take the back seat. It is up to you to make sure that doesn’t happen. With a bit of planning and plenty of hard work, you can avoid winter slacking.


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