When Life Gets in the Way

When Life Gets in the Way

“Don’t let PERFECT be the enemy of GOOD ENOUGH.” – Casey Neistat

Let me start off by saying I have definitely experienced my first blunder in creating content for this blog. I have not posted anything since June 14, 2016. It’s like I watched it happen in slow motion. I missed one deadline, then another, and another…and here we are!

The opening quote is by Casey Neistat, a New York based filmmaker and entrepreneur who puts his creations on his YouTube channel. He has long documented his struggles with content creation, citing his constant longing for perfection as a reason why he didn’t publish much content when he began using the platform. To counteract this, he began posting short movies or “vlogs” documenting his life DAILY! For someone who is constantly chasing perfection that can be one of the most scary things to do, because no matter what you have that deadline coming up in 24 hours. Casey decided to abandon this perfection chase in favor of producing as much content as possible. This can be a risky thing, because you run the risk of publishing bad content in an effort to meet your deadlines. With a lot of practice and leveraging his expertise as a filmmaker, he was able to successfully execute this strategy and still maintain a pretty high level of quality when it comes to videos. The result? In 18 months he raised his number of subscribers from 500 thousand to 4 million!!! (Click here to see the video where he discusses it).

I too am guilty of wanting things to be perfect. I spent too much time planning which then affected my execution. I have numerous ideas for this blog and what I want it to become, but I never wanted my ambition to affect the constant flow of content. Therefore, I will utilize this blog to get my thoughts out to you the readers as soon as possible in an acceptable manner. The Knee Surgery Chronicles will continue soon, even though I may have some posts before resuming that content, so stay tuned…

By the way I have a YouTube channel as well. Click here to see my videos.

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