Knee Surgery Chronicles – Part II: Under The Knife

Knee Surgery Chronicles – Part II: Under The Knife

The process leading up to the operating room was an interesting one. Since I had never experienced major surgery before I didn’t really know what to expect. In my mind I pictured it being an easy process: show up, get sliced open and be done in a half hour. But as things progressed in the surgeon’s office, I quickly began to realize just what I had gotten myself into.

No lotion allowed!

After giving my orthopedic surgeon the “green light” on getting a full PCL reconstruction he roughly described what I should expect, then left the room . He would be performing Arthroscopic Knee Surgery as well as Micro-Fracture Surgery on my injured knee. Within ten minutes I was joined in the room by a nurse. She announced she would be going over my protocols as well as helping me schedule a date. I didn’t realize how much prep happens before a surgical procedure, but it made sense when I thought about it:

  • Get a full physical examination done by a physician
  • Have the physician submit a report to the hospital, declaring me fit to undergo surgery
  • Purchase a special anti-bacterial soap to shower with before going to the hospital
  • No lotion should be applied on my body after taking anti-bacterial shower
  • No food or liquid should be ingested ten to twelve hours before surgery

Never watching knee surgery videos again

One of my biggest concerns heading into this experience was my job; how was I going to work?! Thankfully I have a job that allows remote work. So I got the approval to work from home while I would be bedridden after surgery. I asked all my friends who had experienced similar surgeries what to expect, and the feedback was unanimous: My life was about to change temporarily! I even went to the extent of looking up a video recording of knee surgery being performed (that was a mistake), but quickly turned it off.

As nervous as I was for this experience, I couldn’t allow myself the luxury of worrying about it too much because my mother was doing a fantastic job of that for both of us! She took some time off from work and came to town to make sure she was there for the whole thing. I tried not to be a big “mama’s boy”, but I was really happy she would be there. I made sure all my essentials were close by in my room, so I would have easy access to them later.

In Staging
In Staging

Naked except for a hospital gown

My report time for surgery was 6 AM on Friday morning. I felt an assorted mix of hunger, fatigue, excitement and nervousness. We went through the patient intake process pretty smoothly and I was soon ready for the operating room. I was given my hospital gown which was the only clothing item I would have on for the duration of my outpatient surgery. When my surgeon brushed open

the curtain to my staging room with his arm and walked in I realized it was time! After a quick prep talk and a big “X” marked on the knee getting operated on, I was put on a gurney and transported to the operation room…

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